[GE users] can any body give some suggestion

Sandeep, Patel(IE10) Sandeep.Patel2 at Honeywell.com
Wed Jan 30 06:41:39 GMT 2008


   Furher I checked the error like qstat -explain E -j 204 .it is
showing     "sgepasswd:can't load private key "
/var/sgeCA/sge_qmaster/GHS/priv "---  job is in error state.

   How can I solve this problem?






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      When I m submitting this command as job . the job is alaways going
to Eqw state. The qstat -explain 172 showing " unknown queue state :1
found in string :172" . what is the problem??






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please it in below


qsub -l display_win_gui=1 -b yes -shell no -P myproj


try to login using local administrator, if you want to see the notepad
window, or else it will run in the background.



Manjunath A,


On 1/28/08, Sandeep, Patel(IE10) <Sandeep.Patel2 at honeywell.com> wrote: 


  It's working. I m able to compile and execute a C program through sun
n1 grid engine.


  Can anybody tell me "how to open a notepad or calculator in windows
execution  hosts by sun n1 grid engine jobs???"







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Hi Sandeep,

i m not sure grid engine will understand C language, if you need to
submit a job to windows execution host

 1) make sure that you should be able to invoke C complier through
command prompt 
 2) if yes try to run a any small problem (for example try to print a
name ) 
 3) if all works fine put it in batch file n submit a job 

syntax: qsub -b yes -shell no -P projectname
/dev/fs/C/WINDOWS/system32/cmd.exe /c "c:\\path_to_script\script.bat"

manjunath A, 

On Jan 22, 2008 6:02 PM, Sandeep, Patel(IE10)
<Sandeep.Patel2 at honeywell.com> wrote:


    I m trying to integrate turboc with grid engine . my motive is to
submit a c progrrame  as a job through script(becoz grid engine only
take jobs as script only):



 For this I have created two file one is a.sh   and other is a1.c.
(resides in D drive)




   1 . a.sh contains



             #$ -S /bin/sh

               Date                     // shows toay's date

               cd /dev/fs/D             // changed to D drive

               pwd                       //shows the path

               cmd                       //call the command promt

               PATH=C:\TC\BIN;C:\TC\;    //sets the turbo C compiler

               tcc a1.c                    //compiles the  the a1.c
program file

               a1                         //run

2. a1.c contains 



               void main()






3. than job submission

              $  qsub a.sh

                 Job is successfully submitted



                Always grid engine returns two file (O-job no and E-job
no )

O- standard output

E-standard error


5. in O-job no file

            I got      

                                         jan 22 , 2008


                                        Welcome to windows command



                                  So DOUBT :- where is the output of the
c programme . can any body help here in this step.any suggestion.


6.in <http://6.in/>  E-job no file


             I got

tcc not found

                            /dev/fs/D/spool/gridexecutor2/job_script []
a1 not found



                                     Doubt:- how is it possible.becoz
the sample jobs given by sun is able to
execute.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help somebody. 








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