[GE users] back to the basics... 6.2beta

Alexandre Racine Alexandre.Racine at mhicc.org
Tue Jul 1 15:27:29 BST 2008

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Hi all,

I am trying to run a simple interactive job with the new qrsh. See below for the content of the file. Running it on the command line work very well, but with qrsh I get a not found error. Did I forget something? Thanks.

TORQUE1 programmeinteractif # qstat -f
queuename                      qtype resv/used/tot. load_avg arch          states
all.q at torque1.rg.local         BIP   0/0/1          -NA-     lx24-x86      au
all.q at torque2.statgen.local    BIP   0/0/2          0.00     lx24-x86
TORQUE1 programmeinteractif # qrsh script.sh
bash: script.sh: command not found



echo .
echo "Je roule sur le serveur `hostname`..."
sleep 3

    echo -n Hit any key to continue....
    stty -icanon
    key=`dd count=1 2>/dev/null`
    stty icanon

# Simple input
echo -n "Enter something: "
echo You typed: "$ANSWER"
Pause                           # invoke the function Pause.

echo "Fin du programme"




Alexandre Racine
alexandre.racine at mhicc.org
514-461-1300 poste 3303

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