[GE users] 6.2 beta 2 on 10.5 Leopard: admin_user does not exist

Ian Levesque ian at crystal.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 1 18:16:01 BST 2008

Hi all -

After reading through the list and the helpful notes on  
gridengine.info, I saw that there were some caveats regarding the  
install of GE 6.1 on a OS X 10.5 cluster using OD for auth [1]. But on  
wikis.sun.com I saw that 10.5 is supposedly newly supported in 6.2  
[2]. So I downloaded and installed the 6.2b2 build on sunsource.net.  
The problem that I'm having is very similar to the one mentioned on  
this list back in February for version 6.1u3. These Intel 10.5  
execution nodes are entering an error state (often after running jobs  
successfully several times) with qmaster reporting:

07/01/2008 12:45:22|worker|starbuck|W|job 37.1 failed on host  
gaeta.mcb.harvard.edu general before prolog because: 07/01/2008  
12:45:21 [501:33477]: admin_user "admin" does not exist

Notice that I even tried configuring GE to use my local "admin" user  
when the network account "sgeadmin" exhibited this problem.

The question I have is whether the 6.2 betas include the fixes that  
Chris posted on his blog, and if not why Sun is claiming support in  
6.2 of OS X 10.5 when it's clearly not ready.


[1] http://gridengine.info/articles/2008/03/03/building-6-1u3-on-mac-osx-10-5-2-leopard-server
[2] http://wikis.sun.com/display/GridEngine/Important+Information+for+Sun+Grid+Engine+6.2

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Ian Levesque
Research Systems Architect
Harvard Medical School
Structural Biology Grid

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