[GE users] Is it possible to set h_vmem to the same value as mem_free

Michael Lindig michael.lindig at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Jul 1 22:33:20 BST 2008


I have a "small" cluster where each node has only 1GByte of swap and 8GB of ram
(each has 4 CPUs) only 2 nodes have 32 GB ram and 1GB swap (and 16 CPUs). The
h_vmem value is set to required, but it seams that the gridengine (I use 6.1u4)
does not check if the node has the capability to fulfil the resources. If I
request h_vmem=16G then I will scheduled also to nodes with 8GB ram!?

Is it possible to request mem_free=2G and set automatically the h_vmem=mem_free?

Or is there another possibility to prevent the nodes for swap usage?

Our problem is that any user can allocate more memory then available and bring
the node to unmanage state if it starts swapping:(!

Thanks for help

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