[GE users] Is it possible to set h_vmem to the same value as mem_free

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Jul 1 23:06:49 BST 2008


Am 01.07.2008 um 23:33 schrieb Michael Lindig:

> I have a "small" cluster where each node has only 1GByte of swap  
> and 8GB of ram
> (each has 4 CPUs) only 2 nodes have 32 GB ram and 1GB swap (and 16  
> CPUs). The
> h_vmem value is set to required, but it seams that the gridengine  
> (I use 6.1u4)
> does not check if the node has the capability to fulfil the  
> resources. If I
> request h_vmem=16G then I will scheduled also to nodes with 8GB ram!?

yes, it's just a limit (something you could also set with "ulimit" in  
the shell). It will even set the limit to such a "nonsense" value on  
certain nodes.

> Is it possible to request mem_free=2G and set automatically the  
> h_vmem=mem_free?
> Or is there another possibility to prevent the nodes for swap usage?
> Our problem is that any user can allocate more memory then  
> available and bring
> the node to unmanage state if it starts swapping:(!

To share it across all jobs on a node:



If you just want just a limit, you could even set the maximum which  
can be requested in the queue definition:

h_vmem INFINITY,[@smallones=8g],[@bigones=32g]

But many jobs might request too much memory in total on a node this  
way. Nevertheless we use this in addition to making h_vmem  
consumable: one a queue level the limit is 12g (i.e. per job), on a  
host level it's the installed 16g (not to many jobs will be scheduled  
to one and the same node and exhaust the memory).

HTH - Reuti

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