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Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Jul 7 10:00:19 BST 2008


Am 07.07.2008 um 10:52 schrieb Lee Amy:

> I built a small cluster with five nodes for the Bioinformatics  
> Department of my college. I've installed SGE 6.1 and set up  
> integration parallel environment properly. So I hope I can use some  
> hints to exam whether SGE can allocate the cluster resource  
> perfectly. My main idea is following words.
> Every node has two Opteron 270HE processors so the total slots are  
> 20. What if I submit some jobs which take up 20 slots or more  
> without SGE, I can record their individual job running time. After  
> that, I resubmit these jobs with SGE and do some regulation(e.g.  
> priority), then I record the job running time again. I suppose that  
> the total running time should be smaller if I submit them using  
> SGE. Because I believe that if I submit these jobs normally they  
> must seize resources and every job cannot run well. But with SGE,  
> it can allocate resources for jobs requirement.
> However, I'm afraid my idea is naive. So could anyone tell me some  
> good idea to have a test on SGE efficiency?

the computing time should be the same. SGE will not speed up your  
computation, but will take care of transferring the jobs to the  
nodes, built an appropriate hostlist and so on.

Unless you start your 20 slot job interactively only on one node and  
hence oversubscribe this node, you shouldn't see any difference.

-- Reuti

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