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Dev dev_hyd2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 21:56:29 BST 2008

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 As far as I know your machine also needs to be a submit host for the SGE installation though.


--- On Mon, 7/7/08, Daniel Templeton <Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM> wrote:
From: Daniel Templeton <Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM>
Subject: Re: [GE users] drmaa question...
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Date: Monday, July 7, 2008, 8:07 PM

The intention for the contact string in the init() method was always to 
let you pass in a root, cell, and port so that you could contact an 
arbitrary qmaster.  That has unfortunately never happened, though.  Your 
DRMAA session will always connect to the qmaster indicated by the 
$SGE_ROOT, $SGE_CELL, and $SGE_QMASTER_PORT environment variables.

See http://gridengine.sunsource.net/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=873


john Sanabria wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use the DRMAA implementation provided by SGE for accessing 
> remote sites.
> I found a useful link 
> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/howto/drmaa_java.html. However, all 
> the examples interact with local SGE manager.
> I'm working at komolongma.ece.uprm.edu 
> <http://komolongma.ece.uprm.edu> cluster and I have access to remote

> clusters. I wondering if I can access to them with a program as shown 
> below just modifying the string passed as parameter to the init 
> method, (groovy code).
> /import org.ggf.drmaa.SessionFactory
> import org.ggf.drmaa.Session
> import org.ggf.drmaa.JobTemplate
> /
> /def factory = SessionFactory.getFactory()
> def session = factory.getSession()
> /*session.init("")*/
> println session.contact
> def jt = session.createJobTemplate()
> jt.setRemoteCommand("/bin/sleep")
> jt.setArgs(Collections.singletonList("5"))
> def id = session.runJob(jt)
> println "Job id ${id}"
> session.deleteJobTemplate(jt)
> session.exit()/
> Could you provide me an example?
> I appreciate your advice. Regards,
> -- 
> PhD Candidate, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
> http://ece.uprm.edu/~s047267 <http://ece.uprm.edu/%7Es047267> 

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