[GE users] How to prevent 2 jobs of a specific user running on 1 node?

Stefan Becuwe stefan.becuwe at ua.ac.be
Tue Jul 8 10:00:36 BST 2008

Is there a way to prevent that 2 jobs of some users run on the same node? 
Because of memory requirements of their jobs, if two of their jobs are put 
on the same node, they will fail.  On average, it's no problem however 
that a job from another user will also run on that node.  The easy way 
would be to allocate two slots (smp) (of which only one is used) to 
prevent other jobs from running on that node, but that's not efficient... 
Is it possible to achieve this using the "-l" switch?  That way, we could 
also avoid jobs with the same charateristics of different users to be put 
on the same node.


Stefan Becuwe

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