[GE users] Is qstat -g c reporting the wrong results

Craig Tierney Craig.Tierney at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 8 19:48:11 BST 2008

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I was looking at the output of qstat -g c today for the queues I have on my system, and I am
wondering if the output is correct.

I have two queues with associated hosts:

Queue        Hostlist
qwcomp.q     @wcomp
qwbigmem.q   wserial0 @wcomp

So qwbigmem is just the same hostlist as qwcomp.q with the exception of wserial0
(which happens to have extra memory).

Every node has 4 cores.  To ensure that every host only ever has 4 slots in use,
I set the complex_value for the execution host with slots=4.

The hostgroup @wcomp has 341 hosts (1364 slots).  Since qwbigmem.q has
one extra node, it has 1368 slots.

When I submit a job to qwcomp.q, the output from qstat -g c shows
the slots in use and the slots available.  If I am using 200 slots
in the qwcomp.q queue, qstat -g c will show:

qwbigmem0.q                       0.15      0   1368   1368      0      0
qwcomp.q                          0.15    200   1164   1364      0      0

My question is, why is qwbigmem0.q saying there are 1368 slots available?
There aren't because the consumable resource slots has been consumed
by the jobs in the other queues.  Why doesn't qstat -g c report that only
1168 slots are available in qwbigmem0.q?


Craig Tierney (craig.tierney at noaa.gov)

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