[GE users] Graphic cards processors

Jacek Strzelczyk szczelba at op.pl
Wed Jul 9 16:31:21 BST 2008

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Joe Landman wrote:
> Jacek Strzelczyk wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> If there is a possibility in the Grid Engine (or commercial SGE) to 
>> add a graphic cards processors as a computation resource? I would like 
>> to make some calculations on those processors. Can I make them 
>> available in some way through SGE?
> Yes.  Create a consumable resource per node.  Create a queue that uses 
> this consumable resource.  Launch jobs into that.
> Note:  you will need to write in Cuda or similar (we are doing this for 
> customers).

When I searched for "consumable resource" I found on the SGE page:

"Consumable resources provide an efficient way to manage limited 
resources such as available memory, free space on a file system, network 
bandwidth, or floating software licenses."

Ok, but how to tell the SGE that it should use the graphical card CPU 
instead of normal CPU? How to identify those resources?


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