[GE users] maui does not work with sge

Brian O'Connor briano at sgi.com
Wed Jul 9 22:28:02 BST 2008

Anybody got sge 6x and maui 3.2.6p19 to work?
Its driving me crazy.... 
I ahve followed the instructions 
sge works, torque/maui works, I have recompiled maui with sge. I have
used a 
basic maui.cfg;
cat maui.cfg
# maui.cfg 3.2.6p19
SERVERHOST            mel-dem1.melbourne.sgi.com
# primary admin must be first in list
ADMIN1                root
# Resource Manager Definition
RMCFG[mel-dem1.melbourne.sgi.com] TYPE=SGE
RMPOLLINTERVAL        00:00:30
SERVERPORT            42559
LOGFILE               maui.log
LOGFILEMAXSIZE        10000000
LOGLEVEL              9
thats it!. The config works with torque, but maui does not seem to see
sge at all.
I am not using any strange ports etc (701 for sge_qmaster)
The logs say;
07/10 07:05:24 ALERT:    cannot load cluster resources on RM (RM
'mel-dem1.melbourne.sgi.com' does not support function 'clusterquery')
07/10 07:05:24 WARNING:  no resources detected
07/10 07:05:24 MRMWorkloadQuery()
07/10 07:05:24 ALERT:    cannot load cluster workload on RM (RM
'mel-dem1.melbourne.sgi.com' does not support function 'workloadquery')
07/10 07:05:24 WARNING:  no workload detected
followed by lots of
07/10 07:05:24 ALERT:    cannot query events on RM (RM
'mel-dem1.melbourne.sgi.com' does not support function 'rmeventquery')
07/10 07:05:24 MSUAcceptClient(5,ClientSD,HostName,TCP)
07/10 07:05:24 INFO:     accept call failed, errno: 11 (Resource
temporarily unavailable)
07/10 07:05:24 INFO:     all clients connected.  servicing requests
07/10 07:05:24 MRMCheckEvents()


and showq is empty

Google shows me some questions be no answers. 

I am starting to think that this only works with SGE 5.3!

Anybody using 6x?



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