[GE users] Parallel Environments with user defined start up , stop scripts?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jul 10 23:41:35 BST 2008


Am 10.07.2008 um 16:42 schrieb Andre Gauthier:

> I have couple users that have simulations to run that were coded  
> prior to grid engine. They simulations typically consist of a  
> master and some slaves.  I have a couple of questions. Do they have  
> to use a PE or can they just request slots and wait for the number  
> of slots become available and write some scripts that deal with  
> hostnames, and clean up?   Or should I create PE for them. If I  
> create a PE for them is there a way for users to use their own  
> start-up and shut-down scripts in the PE. That way we can have  
> generic PE for simulations and people can use there own scripts.

in principle it's possible to leave the PE scripts out - but why  
should every user have all the overhead in every script he uses? Not  
to mention the chance to crash the job by a wrong preparation of the  
hostfile. If you provide it one time in a validated form, all will  
benefit from it.

Also will the start/stop_proc_args script run always to do any  
housekeeping. Even if the job crashes or was deleted - this can only  
be programmed in tricky ways with -notify if you want to have it in  
the job script..

As the jobs were created before you used SGE, maybe they will not  
honor the granted slots on the granted nodes and mess up other jobs  
in the cluster. So the best way is to put as much as possible into  
the SGE configation. You have to test it only one time, and it will  
always prepare the things in the right way for all users in the  
future. Means: first more coding time, later less debugging time.

-- Reuti

PS: You could even prepare a PE where the start_proc_args points to a  
script in a user's directory. He can adjust it to his suites, and  
even test it. But it might put some queues into error state if it  

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