[GE users] Queueing behavior when -q is not specified

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sat Jul 12 21:14:22 BST 2008


Am 12.07.2008 um 21:34 schrieb Lee-Ping:

> I'm a system administrator for a small Beowulf cluster.  I just  
> added a new
> queue to the cluster, but I don't want jobs to be allocated to it  
> when users
> submit jobs without specifying the queue.  Currently, jobs without  
> a target
> queue sometimes get sent to the new queue, and since the nodes in  
> the new
> queue have a different OS, the jobs crash.
> How do I prevent my new queue from being used if the job does not  
> request a
> specific queue?

in a mixed cluster of maschines, I usually put the applicaton  
software in separate directories like /opt/$ARC/{gaussian,molpro,...}  
so that I can use the same script on both platforms, and will always  
pick up the right version of the software by using $ARC in the script  
(which is set by SGE). I would suggest something similar in your case.


But there are several options:

If you can't use such an approach, you can define defaults in  

(Be aware, that the hard-queue list you specify therein will not be  
replaced by a commandline switch -q, but extended by the requested  
queue from the command line; hence you get both there.)

Instead of requesting a queue, you could also submit to a queue- 
domain, i.e. specifying the hostgroup in case you want only one  
queue: -q *@@oldmachines in the default request and on the  
commandline -q "*@@newmachines".


Maybe easier would be to define a custom complex as BOOL/FORCED and  
attach it to the new queues. Any job which should run there will have  
to request this complex.

You could even continue to work with one queue, as you could also  
specify the complex only for certain machines:

complex NONE,[@newmachines=mycomplex]


You could also request the "-l arch=lx24-amd64" in the defined  
default request, and override this on the commandline.

HTH - Reuti

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