[GE users] targeted resource share (usage) is always zero

Alexey Dick a.dick at mpie.de
Mon Jul 21 17:04:30 BST 2008

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Dear all,
  in my current configuration (SGE6.1u3 @ Linux) the field "Targeted  resource share" (shown in qmon/policy-configuration/share-tree-policy)  is always equal to 0.0 %, independent on whether the node (leaf) is  active or not. This is inconsistent with the SGE-manual, according to  which the field should indicate the targeted short-term usage among the  active nodes. Is such a behavior an indication that something is wrong  with the local SGE setup and/or share-tree scheduler, or this is just a  problem of the qmon-printout?
  Thanks a lot for help,
  Alexey Dick

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