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Ravi Chandra Nallan Ravichandra.Nallan at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 23 20:43:55 BST 2008

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GARDAIS Ionel wrote:
> Hi Ravi,
> Having a complex 'hds' set to 2 will not work as I expect : it will allow two process to run on the same HD.
Yes, and if that has to be avoided I added the last lines regarding a 
load sensor.
> I provide my users wrapper scripts to launch their jobs so I'll head to the "scaled complex" trick pointed by Mark using a basic "bc" calculation to get the right value.
> (for curious, something like
> $ qsub -pe intelmpi $REQ_CPU_CNT -l data-1-1=`echo "scale=3;1/$REQ_CPU_CNT" | bc -l` /the/job/script
> with REQ_CPU_CNT set in the wrapper through the command line by user)
wouldn't this beat the purpose? you might end up running more than one 
process per HD!
> What does a load sensor will monitor ? As disk I/O might not be constant in time, triggering a job based on this is not an option.
> Or maybe doing some magic in the start_proc_arg and stop_proc_arg of the PE ?
> Ionel
This could be tricky. You might need to elaborate on the what is 
"Running one job per disk" would mean?
Is it that the job script's going to create/use files on a fs from disk? 
There should be some info that would indicate that this job is using (or 
going to use) this disk. If this is there this could trigger the load 
script (custom load script) that reports the value to the host complex 'hds'


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