[GE users] Coming soon: Sun Grid Engine 6.2 release

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Jul 25 10:23:19 BST 2008


we are a few days ahead of releasing Grid Engine 6.2. You've seen our
announcements for the SGE 6.2 Beta, SGE 6.2 Beta Refresh and the great
improvements we are doing in 6.2. Highlights are:

    - scheduler running as a thread in qmaster and tons of other internal
      changes helping to further improve SGE's scalability and job
      throughput, qmaster startup speed and reliability
    - new builtin interactive jobs support starts faster than ever
      interactive jobs and (massively) parallel jobs by providing full
      accounting and job control
    - tremendous improvements for ARCo (ARCo multi-cluster support,
      drastically improved 'dbwriter' data insertion speed and query spped,
      new iText library helps to create better PDF reports)
    - Advance Reservation (AR) - request resources which will be available in
      a granted time window
    - the new Service Domain Manager (SDM) module, aka. project Hedeby shows
      that our vision of Grid Computing is not limited to traditional
      Distributed Resource Managment (DRM) in an HPC environment: dynamic
      resource (re-)assignments by SDM will allow to manage a broad variety
      of services by granting them those resources they need.

Moving with our documentation to http://wikis.sun.com you could monitor the
progress we've made on the doc side over that past months. The new ARCo
chapter now makes it easier than ever to try it this powerful add-on. The
upgrade procedure chapter (we're supporting upgrades from SGE 6.0 and 6.1)
now describes in great detail the steps you need to take to install the new
version, even in parallel to an active previous running version of SGE.

We welcome the contribution of our users and community to the documentation:
starting in August we'll open the Wiki for your comments and feedback. We
can grant access to interested parties write access to the Wiki content.

For our users seeking professional support services, those who need
enterprise class level support offerings since they cannot afford to wait
until the community provides assistance in case of problems or outages we've
also much simplified the licensing model for Sun Grid Engine: a new CPU
socket-based subscription model and an enterprise wide subscription model
with standard and premium 24x7 support services will make it easier than
ever to license Sun Grid Engine for any size and any numbers of SGE

Plan your upgrade now! We've done an extended Alpha and Beta phase for SGE
6.2. We've undertaken lots of efforts to keep high the compatibility with
previous SGE 6.x releases. With SGE 6.2 we support the same platforms as we
support with SGE 6.1 (except SGI Irix). If you are considering to upgrade
now or install a SGE patch I recommend to wait two weeks and have a serious
look at SGE 6.2 (as said above: you can safely evaluate the new version in
parallel to your current SGE version). I believe there is virtually no
reason to wait months or even years (hello, SGE 5.2, 5.3, 6.0 users!) to
adopt this new release. Our main efforts in sustaining and bug fixing will
go into SGE 6.2. SGE 6.0 and 6.1 will only see security and high priority
bug fixes from August 2008.


    SGE docs
    Service Domain Manager

Previous Announcements (summarizing new features)

More on the Service Domain Manager module can be found here:


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