[GE users] Setting OMP_NUM_THREADS automatically

Chris Rudge chris.rudge at astro.le.ac.uk
Fri Jul 25 12:37:38 BST 2008


Is it possible to have SGE set the number of threads for OpenMP jobs
automatically. If a job uses a whole node (4 processors in our case)
then we don't need to worry as the number of threads defaults to the
number of processors.

I'm looking at encouraging users to use, say,
	qsub -pe openmp 2-4 .....

to submit their jobs which would allow an openmp job to run on 3
processors if the cluster is full except for one node which had a single
serial job on it.

Ideally I'd like to make this transparent to the user - i.e. in the PE
startup script. However, if I set the environment variable in the PE
startup script the users job starts in a different shell so doesn't
inherit the variable.

Can I do anything better than simply instructing all users that they
should ensure that their job scripts include something like


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