[GE users] Re: Queue on Error state

Fco. Javier Modrego modrego at unizar.es
Thu Jul 31 20:19:51 BST 2008

The installed version is Turbomole 5.10 but is just a suspect I 
cannot swear it's guilty...may be the origin of the problem is 
elsewhere. One sympthom is that all the queue instances where a multi 
CPU parallel job has been running enter into E state for the next 
incomig jobs because all the nodes' spooling directories are empty 
and the spool files cannot be created...
The cluster is running RHLE4 with HP Proliant nodes which have two 
Xeon quad core CPUs each...

	F.J. Modrego

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>Subject: Re: [GE users] Queue on Error state
>Am 29.07.2008 um 13:18 schrieb Fco. Javier Modrego:
>>Frequently I found my queues in error state and new jobs cannot 
>>start. An example of the error


>>Also clearing the error state does not reduce just to using qmod 
>>-cq... as it doesn't work straight away. The daemons in the node 
>>are running and must be killed and then the queue stopped and 
>which version of Turbomole?
>-- Reuti
>>	Thanks in advance
>>	F.J. Modrego
>>Note: the installed version of SGE is 6.1u4

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