[GE users] job execution through DRMAA

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Fri May 2 07:14:48 BST 2008

Hi Shilpi,

to answer this question you must investigate the reason why 'jobs  
never ran'.
E.g. what is qacct -j <jobid> telling you for such jobs?


Am 02.05.2008 um 08:08 schrieb Shilpi Gupta:

> Please tell me one thing, that do i need to do some settings or any  
> kind of configuration on all other hosts other than the host on  
> which my DRMAA code resides whom i m using for submitting job thro'  
> On 5/2/08, Shilpi Gupta <er.guptashilpi at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi Daniel,
> thnx for your reply, i m using DRMAA java bindings with sge6_1u3  
> version.
> as told by you, i submited the job using qsub, it ran successfully,  
> but failed when i submitted it thro' DRMAA, also qstat -j isn't  
> giving me any message that could help me in debugging.
> Can you please tell me something else that would help me in  
> debugging the problem.
> Thanx in advance
> - Shilpi
> On 5/1/08, Daniel Templeton <Dan.Templeton at sun.com> wrote:
> First thing to do is make sure that you can submit the job and get  
> it to run using qsub.  Once your job works with qsub, translate  
> those same submission options into their DRMAA equivalents.  Also be  
> sure to read the drmaa_attributes man page.
> To debug, first try looking at the qstat -j output for your job.   
> That should give you some idea of what went wrong.  BTW, what DRMAA  
> binding are you using on what version SGE?
> Daniel
> Shilpi Gupta wrote:
> hi everybody,
> I m trying to submit a job from host1 to host2 for execution using  
>  but the problem is that job doesn't executes and it says that "job  
> never ran"
> can anybody please tell me more about this thing and how can I solve  
> it???
> thanks in advance
> Regards
> Shilpi
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