[GE users] Arco and Live jobs

Jana Olivova Jana.Olivova at Sun.COM
Mon May 5 19:12:45 BST 2008

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Normally, yes the job usage is recorded into the sge_job_usage table 
after a job has finished. But for a long running jobs an intermediate 
reporting entry is created once a day after a midnight. This results in 
multiple usage records for a particular job and allows for a 
fine-grained resource usage monitoring over time.

The intermediate records report the delta job resource usage for a 
period between start to end time (columns ju_start_time, ju_end_time).

The ju_exit_status is set to -1 if the job is still running, i.e. it is 
the intermediate record. For queries counting jobs, the condition "WHERE 
ju_exits_status != -1" needs to be added as not to include the 
intermediate records in the final query result. (Note that the 
ju_exit_status set to -1 is only available since 6.1u3)

The resource a job has requested is written into the sge_job_request 
table at the same time as the records in the sge_job_usage table. (both 
information comes from the 'acct' line)



Dev wrote:
> Hi,
>   Does arco update resource usage for currently running jobs as well ? 
> For example if I've launched a parallel job requesting a resource, 
> will arco's database be updated with the resource requests for the job 
> while the job is still running? or Does the job's resource  usage in 
> arco get updated only after the job has terminated?
> cheers
> /Dev
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