[GE users] Mac OS Leopard launchd patch

Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Wed May 7 17:08:37 BST 2008

Hi Chris,

On Tue, 6 May 2008, Christopher Dwan wrote:

>>>>>>> Out of curiosity, will the new release have better support for
>>>>>>> apple's Mac OS X 10.5 server?
>>> Sorry I was a bit vague earlier. We've been having some problems with
>>> sge and open directory users and I was wondering if the new release
>>> would integrate more easily with open directory. I guess that has been
>>> addressed already. Thanks!
>> we got no such change in SGE 6.2.
>> Can you tell more lengthly what kind of changes were needed?
>> E.g. what interfaces would we have to use then in contrast to now?
> The changes were pretty minimal, and are well described here:
> http://gridengine.info/articles/2008/03/03/building-6-1u3-on-mac-osx-10-5-2-leopard-server
> There's a link to a patch, off that page.  It amounts to no longer treating 
> OS X as a special case, since 10.5 complies with something-or-other now that 
> it didn't before.

Thanks. My understanding is a related change is going to be covered in 6.2 due to

EB-2008-03-18-0: Enhancem.: changes for darwin-x86 (Leopard)
                  Review:    AA

the corresponding diff is under


but what I don't convey is if anything follows from "Open Directory managed 
environments" on Leopard. I mean isn't this just a build time issue?

> The launchd scripts that I mentioned are described and linked here:
> http://gridengine.info/articles/2008/03/04/grid-engine-and-apple-os-x-launchd

Ok. I understand this is a proof-of-concept


first of all (optionally) supporting the launchd mechanism instead of RC scripts 
when installing on Leopard were certainly doable.

On the workarounds: 
(1) Setting the SGE_ND to comply with launchd conventions for controlling 
services is fancy, but it causes me no headaches as it seem to pay the bill.

(2) This SGE-launchd-wrapper.sh looks strange. In understand this sleep loop
is just done so that sgemaster|sgeexecd stop gets issued upon signals that
are sent by launchd. What I don't understand is this large list of ten different
signals. Some of them can for sure not be caught by SGE-launchd-wrapper.sh amongst
them STOP and KILL. Thinking in senses of a contribution to SGE

(a) this list should be cleaned up and be it only to gets a clear picture on the
   actual mechanism. 
(b) adding a new script i.e. the SGE-launchd-wrapper.sh to the common package
   just for Leopard seems to be an unfortunate solution. Ideally no such script
   were needed. Have you tried this? Note, SGE deamons do actually already a sane
   shutdown upon SIGTERM/SIGINT. 
(c) Only remainder then seems were the logger notification at startup/shutdown time.
   I would assume logger is no Leopard feature. Right?

Best regards,

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