[GE users] Limits on queues

Chris Rudge chris.rudge at astro.le.ac.uk
Wed May 14 16:11:19 BST 2008


I've set up a development queue which aims to transparently run short
jobs (<1 hour) in a higher priority queue - other queues are
subordinates and their jobs will get suspended.

Allowing suspension of other jobs means that I have to have some limits
on the development queue beyond simply h_rt=01:00:00 so that users can't
run large numbers of short jobs in the queue.

>From previous posts on the list it was my understanding that an RQS as
   limit        users * queues devel.q to slots=8
should allow each users to use up to 8 slots in the queue. Unfortunately
it appears that this simply limits the total number of slots for all
users to 8 - i.e. I can't have 3 users each with 4 slots in the queue.
Confusingly the failure of this to work seems to confirm information in
other posts on this list.

I suspect that RQS doesn't actually do what I want.

Is there another way to do it?

Will 6.2 provide any help - e.g. making "jobs" a consumable so that I
can limit users to running one or two jobs in the queue regardless of
the number of slots each job uses? Maybe 6.2 will extend the RQS
capabilities so that I can genuinely have a per user limit.


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