[GE users] cannot make it work on Leopard

Bernard Knaepen bknaepen at ulb.ac.be
Fri May 16 17:44:17 BST 2008


I am trying to make sge work on Leopard 10.5.2.

I compiled the sources using the instructions provided at:

Compilation and installation worked without errors. The appropriate  
daemons are running on the server and nodes. However, when I try to  
submit the simple.sh example, it gets stuck in the queue with status  
Eqw. When I look at the messages file located in the spool directory,  
the error message reads:

05/16/2008 18:05:55|qmaster|herakles|W|job 2.1 failed on host  
node1.maccluster general assumedly before job because: can't get  
password entry for user "bknaepen". Either the user does not exist or  
NIS error!
05/16/2008 18:05:55|qmaster|herakles|W|rescheduling job 2.1

This has been discussed in the mailing list before but I thought it  
was fixed by following the instructions described on the page quoted  

Are there additional steps required?

The only thing I did not understand in the instructions is the  

# If I bind my laptop to my local OD server I "CAN" run jobs when  
submitted as an OD user.
# And this ability services SGE stop/start

My computing nodes are configured in such a way that I can log on them  
using ssh with OD users but I don't know if something else is required.

Any help would be grately appreaciated ;-)


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