[GE users] Plz help with strange shepherd message

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue May 27 21:18:50 BST 2008

Am 27.05.2008 um 21:57 schrieb Viktor Oudovenko:

>>> Root can write in any place. This is for sure.
>> if it's NFS mounted, there might be a root_squash in place in
>> the / etc/exports on the file server.
> Spool is local directory.


> It is parallel jobs. And qrsh belong to root and I use RSH for
> communications:
> [15:56:30]udo at sub04n157:~>cd /opt/SGE/
> [15:56:35]udo at sub04n157:/opt/SGE>find . -name qrsh
> ./bin/lx24-x86/qrsh
> [15:56:41]udo at sub04n157:/opt/SGE>ls -l ./bin/lx24-x86/qrsh
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root bin 3 2007-04-23 10:56 ./bin/lx24-x86/qrsh -> qsh
> [15:56:46]udo at sub04n157:/opt/SGE>ls -l ./bin/lx24-x86/
> total 21476

The /usr/sge/utilbin/lx24-x86/rsh is also owned by root and has the  
set-uid bit set - and not mounted with "nosuid"? The process tree of  
the slave process should look like:

$ ps -e f -o user,ruser,command

sgeadmin root      \_ sge_shepherd-67517 -bg
root     root          \_ /usr/sge/utilbin/lx24-x86/rshd -l
anyuser anyuser          \_ /usr/sge/utilbin/lx24-x86/qrsh_starter / 
anyuser anyuser              \_ /opt/chemsoft/mybinary

-- Reuti

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