[GE users] Your SGE/SDM Beta feedback is needed - really!

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri May 30 11:35:40 BST 2008


I know, testing Beta software, especially when it's a bit more complex to
deploy like Grid Engine, is not easy when you are swamped with high priority
tasks, deadlines and unplanned issues.

Nevertheless, participating in the Grid Engine Beta program is your chance
to minimize upgrade issues, downtimes and support cases when you install
Grid Engine 6.2 in the future. As with previous Grid Engine releases only
very high priority bugs and security bugs will be fixed in older releases
once Grid Engine 6.2 is released.

We are asking all of you for soon starting an active participation in the
Grid Engine and Service Domain Manager Beta! We seek and welcome your
comments and feedback to the SGE documentation now available on

Here's a quick summary of the relevant URL's



What we are asking you to test
    - does it work in your environment with your config?
    - installation (interactive and automatic)
    - all of new features
    - compatibility with existing features of 6.0/6.1
    - ARCo - performance and new multicluster support, queries
    - documentation: after logging in (you can use or easily create an
      account) you can add comments to the Wiki.
      If your comments and feedback goes beyond a Wiki comment we are
      offering you to send your feedback to this alias: sge-beta-doc at sun.com
      Our doc writers will directly receive your comments and emails!

Service Domain Manager (SDM)
While many of you currently might not directly have a use case to manage
multiple SGE clusters with SDM at this point, I think you can already see
the huge potentials which are opening with that technology: Managing
different types of services other than SGE, support for GreenIT (power
saving with spare pools), doing software license management across a company
are just a few examples we are targeting to deliver with SDM in the future.
Perhaps you have teams in your organizations who even don't think about SGE
today but who may find great use cases with the SDM technology?


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