[GE users] Make jobs wait for available FLEXlm license

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com
Fri May 30 15:54:46 BST 2008

> I have run a few more test and found the following.  With
> complex_value
> set to none for the queue, I have 20 licenses available.  If no
> licenses
> are used, I can do
> qsub -hard -l genesis=20 -now no vrand.sub
> several times in a run.  The 2rd and onwards submission will wait
> correctly until the licenses become available.  This is what I would
> like to see.
I just picked up on this thread now.

Just for clarification, you shouldn't normally have the licenses
complexes defined on any of the queues or any of the execution hosts if
you want the FlexLM integration to work. Instead they are always defined
globally - i.e, they should be visible with "qconf -se global".

[ Of course, you can still set licenseXX=0 on particular hosts or queues
to ensure that a particular application *never* runs there. ]

> However, if I use one license external to my SGE environment (on
> another
> workstation) I get the message about no suitable queue.  However, if I
> submit
> qsub -hard -l genesis=19 -now no vrand.sub
> a number of times, everything works fine again.  In other words, as
> long
> as I request the total number of licenses minus the number of
> externally
> used licenses, it works.  If I request the total number of licenses
> with
> external usage I run into the problem.

This looks good to me. You have submitted with the '-now' option (run
the job immediately or abort) with a request for 20 licenses. Since one
license is being used externally, the GridEngine is allowed to manage 19
of them though and the job cannot run.

If you are caching the output of the qlicserver, you can use the 'qlic'
auxiliary program to view the current status (total, internal, external,
etc) of the license complexes.

You can also do a direct check with 'qconf -se global' and see that the
qlicserver periodically updates the number of licenses that are to be
managed (depending on what's already been used externally).


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