[GE Portal] Fasta- No Text box for 2nd Input file

Melvin Koh Melvin.Koh at sun.com
Sat May 31 02:53:14 BST 2008

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Can you describe what you did to submit the job in GEP? What is the job 
you submitted?

Sangamesh B wrote:
>    Still the problem is not solved. The window "Sun TCP New Project 
> Status" appears without the job-info.
>    May I know, is this an applet/servlet or html page. Where the code is 
> written for this page so that I can debug it.
> Thanks,
> Sangamesh
> On 5/13/08, *Sangamesh B* <forum.san at gmail.com 
> <mailto:forum.san at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     After the complete installation of Bio Cluster Grid, the job
>     submission was not happening. The
>     "Sun TCP New Project Status" window was blank. Yesterday it was
>     working for every sleeper job till restarting the system. After
>     restart, every time it didn't show the  job-info on the window.
>     Before restart, it produced the output file. After restart, only
>     folder gets created, but the job doesn't submit. "qstat -f" confirms
>     this.
>     Thanks,
>     Sangamesh
>     On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 9:01 AM, Melvin Koh <Melvin.Koh at sun.com
>     <mailto:Melvin.Koh at sun.com>> wrote:
>         I'm not sure why you get the problem. How often does it happen?
>         Is the job completed successfully? You should have some output
>         files in the sleeper project folder if the job runs without error.
>         Sangamesh B wrote:
>             Thanks for the response,
>             I'm facing one more problem with GEP.
>             After submitting a job( say sleeper.sh) "Sun TCP New Project
>             Status" window appears. But it is blank, instead containing
>             the job-submission info.
>             Sometimes it works properly showing "Your job $JOB_ID
>             submitted". I checked submitting sleeper script thru qsub.
>             It works. Restarting the portal-server/system didn't solve
>             the problem.
>             In the user's home dir, the folder
>             "Sleeper.sh12052008173737" gets created with no files in it.
>             May I know what's causing this?
>             Shall I reinstall/redo the GEP config?
>             Thanks,
>             Sangamesh
>             On 5/12/08, *Melvin Koh* <Melvin.Koh at sun.com
>             <mailto:Melvin.Koh at sun.com> <mailto:Melvin.Koh at sun.com
>             <mailto:Melvin.Koh at sun.com>>> wrote:
>                Sangamesh,
>                The form can be modified. It is the file
>                "<GEP_dir>/apps/A1064135261085/.suntcp-form". The form is
>             basically
>                constructed using HTML and Javascript, so just add a new HTML
>                textbox as appropriate. GEP will pass the form values to the
>                "fasta.sh" submit script located in the same directory.
>             You will
>                also need to modify this script to handle the newly added
>             input
>                parameter.
>                For adding a new applications to GEP, we have a simple
>             tutorial:
>              http://apstc.sun.com.sg/research/projects/gep/download/addnewapp.pdf
>                Sangamesh B wrote:
>                    Hi gepusers,
>                       I installed Bio Cluster Grid 1.5 on RHEL 3 AS U4.
>                    A sample sleeper program executes fine. So BCG is
>             configured fine.
>                    I'm facing probelm with Fasta program. It requires
>             two input
>                    files( i.e one sequence file and a library file), but
>             the fasta
>                    job submission window has a provision for only one
>             input file.
>                    Where to mention the other input?
>                    Is there a procedure to add one more text box?
>                    Is there document for adding new application?
>                    Thanks in advance,
>                    Sangamesh

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