[GE users] MPI jobs can run without specifying PE with number of slots

einat at post.tau.ac.il einat at post.tau.ac.il
Sun Nov 2 14:10:39 GMT 2008

We have Grid Engine 6.0u8 installed on our cluster (which was installed 
with Rocks).

Basically - I want users that don't specify any PE (on the qsub command, 
or in their script) - to get one CPU only. I think it should be the 
default behaviour of SGE, but it's not the case on our cluster - anybody 
can run an MPI job and get any number of CPUs on the same node without 
specifying it on 'qsub' command line.

I have run test MPI jobs with 4 slots without specifying it on the qsub 
command. That's exactly the situation I want to prevent from our users. I 
want SGE to be aware of the resources they are going to use.

My test script:

#!/bin/tcsh -f
mpd &
mpiexec -n 4 /usr/local/src/mpich2-1.0.6p1/examples/cpi >& out

Thanks for your help,
Einat Bielopolski
Computing Division
Tel-Aviv University

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