[GE users] What happens when availability window is reached?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Nov 2 23:36:27 GMT 2008

    reuti> You mean when you use a calendar? man calendar_conf

    reuti> off=like disabled in qmod, the jobs will run until their end
    reuti> suspended=suspended and still blocking resources

Alas, it doesn't tell me what suspended means.  Tell me if I'm interpreting
the man page and your reply correctly:

    * "off" means jobs which are started before the end time will continue
      to run but new jobs will not be accepted.

    * "suspended" means that running jobs will be suspended.  Will new jobs
      be accepted?

    >> Is there some sort of frequently asked questions page for SGE?

    reuti> There are some links on the "Howto" page.

Which leads me to the next question.  I found the "official" documentation:


and which was what I picked through before posting my question.  It refers
to a FAQ:


which doesn't seem that useful.  There is also a link to a wiki there:


but after seeing your answer and knowing what to search for I googled for
"sun grid engine suspended queue" which led me to


    reuti> Searching the mail archive will also reveal much information.

The list archives at


seem to be searchable using Google.

Are there more key sources of SGE documentation I've missed?



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