[GE users] qsub with a slash in it causes truncation of job name output?

Obremski, Gregory greg.obremski at citi.com
Tue Nov 4 13:59:10 GMT 2008

Hi Reuti,

The reason I need to quote the whole job name is because otherwise it
only prints the wrapper script we need to use to launch our jobs...and
not the actual name of the job that's running. Having some 200+ jobs
that just say "script.sh" makes it a little hard to manage what's
running where :-)

I didn't see the -N flag before, however! I'll give that a shot, it
looks like it should work perfectly for our environment.



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IMO both behaviors are wrong, and only giving weird results as a side  
effect of how e.g. execvp() in Linux is working. SGE will just read  
this string as a whole because of the used quotation marks, and  
strips off any leading part up to and including the right most slash  
to get the filename for the to be used jobname. Then it calls execvp 
() with the complete string and this call splits the arguments.

If you supply the executing program and its arguments without  
quotation marks, it's working as intended to use the filename as  

If you want the argument to be part of the job (which makes killing  
by jobname hard), you can use the -N option.

-- Reuti

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