[GE users] Allowing jobs to take over a whole host but only use 1 CPU

Sofia Bassil sofia.bassil at fra.se
Tue Nov 4 15:21:03 GMT 2008

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How do I configure the queue system so that my users can allocate a 
whole compute node but only use one CPU (out of 2)? The purpose is to 
avoid having to share memory with other jobs. The users  want to be able 
to say that they need for instance 10 cores and have the queue system 
allocate 10 compute nodes, use one CPU in each node, and block other 
jobs from using the remaining CPU. I have read the instructions at 
which seems to describe what I need, but I don't completely understand 
the instructions and the sge_pe man page. I have two queues in my system 
currently, one that has slots set to 2 and one that has slots set to 1. 
Both queues share the same hostgroup. The queue with one slot defined 
was created for this purpose, and as far as I understand, it allocates 
one CPU per compute node but it doesn't block other jobs from allocating 
the remaining CPU. Is that correct?

Can I set up a parallel environment that does what I need? Which queue 
should I attach it to in that case, or how should a queue be configured 
(slot-wise) to be suitable? How should the users run qsub to use this 

Sofia Bassil

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