[GE users] run job only on hosts where software X is installed?

udo waechter udo.waechter at uni-osnabrueck.de
Mon Nov 10 17:58:31 GMT 2008

Hello sge users.

I am pretty new to SGE and have stumbled upon a problem that I can not  
I guess I simply do not know how to search for the problem. If it was  
already asked, please excuse my incompetence.

I would like to execute a job only an those hosts that have a certain  
piece of software installed.
As I understand the whole problem so far, it seems to me that  
something like a load_sensor would do the trick.

If I want to execute mencoder only on those hosts that have /usr/bin/ 
mencoder installed, I could write a sensor which checks whether or not  
it is installed. But what if I would want to have this facility  
generalized? Namely: Let jobs have checks for arbitrary software in  
order to be executed on certain hosts?

I do not really get the trick with resources.
For example, http://gridengine.sunsource.net/howto/consumable.html  
describes the 'verilog' complex, where each execution host defines how  
big its value is. Although 'complexes' would be the right thing for my  
use-case, they do not seem to be appropriate.

Back to the 'load_sensors': Would it be possible (if yes, how) to have  
a parametrized load_sensor?

Hints in the right direction are highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

---[ Institute of Cognitive Science @ University of Osnabrueck
---[ Albrechtstrasse 28, D-49076 Osnabrueck, 969-3362
---[ Documentation: https://doc.ikw.uni-osnabrueck.de


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