[GE users] run job only on hosts where software X is installed?

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Mon Nov 10 18:39:03 GMT 2008

Hi Udo,

What you want is a "user-requestable resource" that is associated with  
one or more exec hosts. Since this resource is just the presence/ 
absence of software (ie a true/false condition) you would want  
(probably) to just set a boolean resource on the hosts that have the  
software installed.

A complex entry called "mencoder=TRUE" associated with the hosts would  

Then you would submit jobs like "qsub -hard -l mencoder=TRUE ./my-job- 
script.sh" and the job would only land on a node offering mencoder.

This URL may help:

The load sensor is just the mechanism for reporting values that change  
over time into the mechanism that tracks requestable or "consumable"  
resources. This is way more complicated than you need as your values  
don't change over time and are not "consumable".

Reading the docs on the SGE Complex, with an eye towards creating a  
"user requestable boolean complex" is probably what will get you  
started down the right path.


On Nov 10, 2008, at 12:58 PM, udo waechter wrote:

> Hello sge users.
> I am pretty new to SGE and have stumbled upon a problem that I can not
> solve.
> I guess I simply do not know how to search for the problem. If it was
> already asked, please excuse my incompetence.
> I would like to execute a job only an those hosts that have a certain
> piece of software installed.
> As I understand the whole problem so far, it seems to me that
> something like a load_sensor would do the trick.
> If I want to execute mencoder only on those hosts that have /usr/bin/
> mencoder installed, I could write a sensor which checks whether or not
> it is installed. But what if I would want to have this facility
> generalized? Namely: Let jobs have checks for arbitrary software in
> order to be executed on certain hosts?
> I do not really get the trick with resources.
> For example, http://gridengine.sunsource.net/howto/consumable.html
> describes the 'verilog' complex, where each execution host defines how
> big its value is. Although 'complexes' would be the right thing for my
> use-case, they do not seem to be appropriate.
> Back to the 'load_sensors': Would it be possible (if yes, how) to have
> a parametrized load_sensor?
> Hints in the right direction are highly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> udo.
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