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Mon Nov 10 19:31:44 GMT 2008

On 11/10/08, Ignacio Martin Llorente <llorente at dacya.ucm.es> wrote:
> Of course, you could modify SGE to be a VM distributed manager, but
> my position is that you have to modify many internals because the
> efficient management of VMs is different from efficient management of
> jobs. In other words, You can not have a technology being able to
> efficiently managed both jobs and VMs.

Starting and stopping VMs should not be a lot more difficult than
starting and stopping normal jobs. However, execd and shepherd will
not be able to monitor processes if they don't run in the same VM
started for the job, yet running in the same VM would create new
problems... this for sure will create some challenge. But another
question is, do we really need to monitor each process of the job
running in the VM, or we can take the shortcut and just monitor the VM
as a whole.

So I think we may need to think more about job accounting in the VM
world. With a normal job, getrusage() is sufficient (and PDC is a
bonus), but in the virtualization world, we will need to call special
APIs to get the resource usage of the whole VM started for the job.

> We use libvirt for our driver to access KVM, and we also provide a new
> libvirt interface on top of OpenNebula (http://trac.opennebula.org/wiki/LibvirtOpenNebula
> ), yes, on top of a distributed infrastructure.

Interesting that it uses libvirt... however, I am not familiar with
OpenNebula, can you add it to:


> BTW, we would like to know if somebody is interested in VirtualBox for
> the virtualization of computing clusters, because we are evaluating
> the development of drivers for this virtualization platform.

While VirtualBox is very popular in the desktop world, HPC requires
different requirements and VirtualBox still needs to address those.
For example, VirtualBox cannot create an SMP VM.


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