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Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at emcontechnologies.com
Wed Nov 12 12:27:36 GMT 2008

> when I do qsub -t 1000-1049 main.sh
> (50 array jobs)
> I also need to do a
> $ ./combine (PREVIOUS_JOB_ID)
> And I would like to do this once main.sh is completed and all in one
> shot.
> > What about submitting this as a followup job:
> >
> > qsub -hold_jid <JOB_ID_OF_THE_ARRAY_JOB> combine
> >
> > It will wait (i.e. being on hold), until all tasks have finished.

Reuti actually gave you most of the answer; you just have to work out a
few details on your own. For this, you just have to reformulate things a
little bit.

The simplest is to write a submission wrapper for 'main.sh', eg
'qmain.sh' that passes all its arguments (or up to the '--' delimiter)
to qsub as options ... although I write most of my wrappers in Perl.
The wrapper submits two jobs.
The first job is the script itself.
The second job has a hold on the first job:


# submit job and capture the job id
# need to add any other qsub options in here
job_id=$($SGE_BINARY_PATH/qsub -terse $0 $@ 2>&1)

if [ "$exitcode" -eq 0 ]
   # first job submit worked, now add combine task
   qsub -hold_jid $job_id -N _$job_id combine $job_id 
   echo "failed"
   exit $exitcode

The second job name was named "_$job_id" to make it easier to find

Note, you can even just rewrite main.sh to act as its own wrapper. Just
have different behaviour when called directly or when running as a job: 
if [ -z "$JOB_ID" ]
   echo "called directly (not a GridEngine job)"
   echo "running as GridEngine job $JOB_ID $SGE_TASK_ID"

You cannot directly enforce that the second job runs immediately after
the first one, but if you add a complex with really high urgency, you
can increase the probability. Eg,

#name   shortcut  type  relop  requestable  consumable default  urgency
cleanup cleanup   BOOL  ==     YES         NO         0        1e12 

Or have it run on a queue that no other jobs can use (ie, by using a
forced complex). Maybe you could even make the second job a deadline job
with an immediate start time. The hold should prevent it from running
immediately and the deadline should make the priority skyrocket!

There are *lots* of ways to solve your problem, you just have to
experiment a bit now to see which way works best for you.

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