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reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Nov 13 14:47:18 GMT 2008

Am 13.11.2008 um 02:15 schrieb jpolk:

>>> <snip>
>>> Just recently, we successfully implemented a strategy to allocate  
>>> all
>>> our rendering
>>> machines into three "pools",...such that jobs from Project A only
>>> run in
>>> Pool A,
>>> and so forth.  We do this by specifying a hostname list either at
>>> submission time

It might be easier, to define and attach a boolean complex  
project_a... to these queues. Then you don't need a list of machines,  
but could submit:

qsub -l project_a ...

independent from the real hostnames. If the users are fixed, you  
could even skip this and attach a user_lists to the queues pool_a.q  
and the other two. Then users of project A will only run their job in  
this queue automatically.

-- Reuti

>>> with "qsub", or later with "qalter".
>>> We have a little conundrum however ;-)....
>>> During the wee hours of the night, the job(s, 'cause sometimes it's
>>> only
>>> one long job)
>>> in Pool-B and Pool-C finish and so the machines in those pools go
>>> idle.
>>> We'd like to
>>> have a way to automatically reallocate the machines from those idle
>>> pools back into
>>> Pool-A which is still running (in our example).
>>> I see that there is a way to send mail to users when a jobtask
>>> finishes.
>>> I wonder if there is a similar way to execute a command (probably a
>>> "qalter" command)
>> in principle it could be done in a queue epilog, means to scan the
>> waiting jobs and change their resource request. But I'm not sure,
>> whether is the easiest approach.
>>> when a jobtask finishes which would make the adjustment.  I spent
>>> sometime looking
>>> thru the various syntax of "qalter", but I couldn't find anything  
>>> that
>>> appeared to do the trick.
>>> Does anybody have any experience with this? or might suggest another
>>> alternative method?
>>> Any and all input very much welcomed.
>> Did I get you setup correct: you have e.g. 16 machines in pool A, 8
>> in pool B and 4 in pool C, while jobs are only allowed during day to
>> start in pool B or C. During night, after they are drained, you would
>> like to have a setup with 28 nodes just in pool A?
>> Are these 16+8+4 machines bound to dedicated nodes, or is it more
>> like having this amount of slots for each job type?
>> -- Reuti
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