[GE users] affecting umask for qsub jobs

David Pinsky 288-3739 dep at ftc.avagotech.com
Thu Nov 13 16:22:45 GMT 2008

I would like to have our SGE Grid cell use a different umask for jobs that
are submitted/run.  Anyone know how to effect this?

Here is the (simplified) situation:

Submit host:     H
Execution host:  X
sge_master host: M

On H, I execute:
  % umask
  % rm /net/H/tmp/log
  % qsub -o /net/H/tmp/log -e /net/H/tmp/log -j y -b yes umask
  % ls -l /net/H/tmp/log
  -rw-r--r--  1 dep fiddms 5 Nov 13 09:06 /net/H/tmp/log
  % cat /net/H/tmp/log

This shows that my umask is 002, but that the umask in effect when my job
runs is 022, and the umask used by SGE to create the log file is 022.

What I would like is that the umask in effect at submission is used by SGE
both to create the log file, and as the umask of my remote job.

I know I can set my umask in the task script that I submit.  And I know
I can chmod the $SGE_STDERR_PATH and $SGE_STDOUT_PATH in that job script.
But this requires adding these operations to every type of job script that we
have (many, many) and that we devise.  And it still does not cover simple
submisstions where there is no wrapper script.

Is there a way I can set up the sge* daemons, or configure this grid
installation, or setup a prolog/epilog script that will take care of this.
Again, what I'd like is for the invoking umask to be used, but I would settle
for the ability to have SGE use 002 rather than 022 umask.  Our users must
have the ability to share/interoperate on files created by each other's jobs.

Thanks for any help you can give,


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