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dagru daniel.g at sun.com
Fri Nov 14 10:50:04 GMT 2008

Hi Lars, 

Am Freitag, den 14.11.2008, 11:07 +0100 schrieb Girndt, Lars (Lineas;
> Hi all,
> I facing a quite confusing problem with the Java DRMAA Binding. 
> We are developing an application for a customer, which submits tasks via
> DRMAA. We have GE 6.1u5 in our development environment, the customer
> believes he has GE 6.1u3 (for instance qstat -help prints out this
> version).
> It seems that the signatures of org.ggf.drmaa.JobTemplate in
> $SGE_ROOT/lib/drama.jar differ in the jar of their version of the SGE
> and ours.
> javap says for our GE 6.1u5:
> public class org.ggf.drmaa.JobTemplate extends java.lang.Object{
> ...
> public void setArgs(java.lang.String[])
> ...
> }

This looks like the old Java DRMAA 0.5 implementation (drmaa-0.5.jar). 
Please check your $SGE_ROOT/lib directory if you are pointing 
to the right Java DRMAA 1.0 library (drmaa.jar). 

> For our customer it is:
> public interface org.ggf.drmaa.JobTemplate{
> ...
> public abstract void setArgs(java.util.List)
> ...
> }
> There are 2 significant changes: In one version JobTemplate is a proper
> class, in the other version just an interface, and the signature has
> changed from List to an array.

Your customer seems to have the 1.0 implementation.

> But I already used GE 6.0u8 (if I remember correctly) with the same code
> as I do now and I cannot remember that I had to change something due to
> interface changes.
> My assumption is, that the customer's environment is not correctly
> installed (there are many other hints for that).
> Can somebody clearly say between which versions these interface changes
> occurred so I have a strong evidence for my assumption?

Grid Engine 6.2 is shipping the Java DRMAA 1.0 binding only. 
The previous Grid Engine version (6.1) included both libraries 
for compatibility reasons. But it is/was recommended to use 
the most current one. 



> Best regards,
> Lars Girndt
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