[GE users] Limit jobs a user can run in a queue

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Nov 14 22:42:17 GMT 2008

Am 14.11.2008 um 19:59 schrieb Simon Gao:

> reuti wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Am 13.11.2008 um 21:17 schrieb Simon Gao:
>>> gsat77 wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> You can limit using resource quota configuration.
>>>> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/nonav/source/browse/~checkout~/
>>>> gridengine/doc/devel/rfe/ResourceQuotaSpecification.html
>>>> <http://gridengine.sunsource.net/nonav/source/browse/%7Echeckout%
>>>> 7E/gridengine/doc/devel/rfe/ResourceQuotaSpecification.html>
>>>> But this feature is supported on SGE 6.x
>>>> Sathya
>>>> On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 12:08 PM, Simon Gao
>>>> <Simon.Gao at schrodinger.com
>>>> <mailto:Simon.Gao at schrodinger.com>> wrote:
>>>>     Hi,
>>>>     Is there a way to limit the max number of jobs one user can
>>>> run in one
>>>>     queue?
>>>>     Simon
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>>> Thanks. The cluster runs SGE 6.0u8. So we have to find a way to
>>> make it
>>> work with 6.0.
>> in 6.0 you can only set in general to be the same for all users:
>> maxujobs in the scheduler configuration (man sched_conf).
>> If you want different limits for each user, this only works when your
>> users behave fair: you could create a complex per user with a) the
>> name of the user and b) the number of allowed slots set for this user
>> in the global configuration.
>> Then each user will have to request this parameter in qsub, e.g.
>> `qsub -l simon=1 myjob.sh`
>> This you can of course put in each user's home dircetory in a file
>> "~/.sge_request` with just the line "-l simon=1" without any need to
>> tell the users about it. Until they discover that they can override
>> it with "-l simon=0" (man sge_request)...
>> -- Reuti
> This is what I want to do. Say there is one queue, hot.q, that's  
> really
> popular. Everyone wants to use it. We don't want anyone's jobs totally
> occupy all the nodes in hot.q.  Say at most, anyone's jobs can run on
> 80% of all nodes in hot.q.   Is there a way to achieve this?

If you have more than one queue: no, upgrade to 6.1. Even then you  
can only limit the number of slots a user can use, but not nodes. For  
this you will have to wait for a followup version of SGE called urubu.

(In fact, it's possible; but too obvious for the user to bypass when  
you tell them: use "qsub -q hot.q -l simon=1 myjob.sh" or "qsub -q  
other.q -l simon=0 myjob.sh)

-- Reuti

> Simon
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