[GE users] how to restrict max 2 jobs per user/user group

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Mon Nov 17 07:46:30 GMT 2008

Am 17.11.2008 um 05:28 schrieb Sangamesh B:

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>> which even doesn't apply to your case.
> Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
> Referring, your post achieved restricted number of jobs to 2.
> 1). Created a complex with value 2 as follows:
> # qconf -sc
> #name               shortcut   type        relop requestable
> consumable default  urgency
> #--------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> -------------------
> external            ext        INT         <=    YES         YES
>  2        0

The default request should be zero. Otherwise everyone will consume 2  
per slot as a default.

> 2). In each external user's home directory created .sge_request with
> the following content:
> -l ext=1


> A queue external.q with 8 hosts - total 32 slots.
> Added "ext" under complex_values entry, as follows.
> complex_values        external=2

This would be per queue instance, i.e. every node. Instead it must be  
defined in `qconf -me global` under complex values. And there you  
have to give it 32 as the maximum slots. But as said: this doesn't  
apply to your case, as the maxiumum number is limited by the defined  
queue anyway. Exception: you decide to have only one queue. Then you  
are done here and can skip the following suspend-setup.

> Still this setup is not complete as the job may take more than 16  
> slots.

Correct. There is no way to limit it, but it's an RFE:


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>> Even it it would be possbile to set it up right now, I'm not sure
>> whether it's the best approach. Imagine the external users have two
>> jobs running and occuyping 8 slots in total. So you would like to
>> allow internal users to use the remaining 24 slots - unfortunately
>> these are really long jobs. After some while the two external jobs
>> end and now they want to run 2 jobs with 16 slots each - so using the
>> granted number of 32 slots. They have to wait. (If you grant them 32
>> slots, you could also state that it's up them, how to use these for a
>> mixture of serial and parallel jobs.)
>> For a hard-coded setup of the nodes (which you did already as you
>> mentioned), you could also tell the internal user to run jobs on the
>> @internal_hgrp nodes, and if they decide to use @external_hgrp, they
>> can do so if slots are free, but their jobs might get suspended when
> Is that with the existing setup? How the jobs get suspended?

-) You can simply define the "default.q" queue for internal users on  
all machines.

-) In the external queue define the "default.q" queue in  
"subordinate_list default.q=1"

-) To give your users a chance to select this queue instances: you  
could define and attach a boolean complex "secondary" (BOOLEAN  
FORCED) and attach it only to the queue instances on these external  
machines in the default.q:

complex_values NONE,[@external_hgrp=secondary=TRUE]

=> Normal jobs will run only on the internal nodes.

=> Internal users can request the external machines, with the  
possible suspension of the jobs. So they should do it for small jobs:  
qsub -l secondary ...

>> the external users decide to run a job there.
>> Is this feasible?
> I think its very difficult to get the exact requirement.

True. In 6.1 or 6.2 I would suggest to have only one queue and limit  
the slots for the external users to 32 with an RQS and you are done.  
Although they still can run more than 2 jobs.

-- Reuti

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