[GE users] Need help with MPI program submission

bruce_rothermal bruce.rothermal at sun.com
Thu Nov 20 16:01:41 GMT 2008

I have a C program which outputs to stdout and uses MPI. Specifically  
the MPI from Sun SUNWhpc package (cluster tools).

The exe is named volume.

When I run is
% ./volume    I get printf output to terminal

When I run it

% mpirun -np 2 ./volume      I get printf output to terminal

When I try to run it with sge
% qsub ./volume      I get error Unable to run job: Script length does  
not match declared length. So I am assuming that a script must be used  
to wrapper the exe. I create script volume.sh

cat volume.sh



% qsub ./volume.sh
Job is submitted, but output file contains.

Warning: no access to tty; thus no job control in this shell...
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS  5.10      Generic January 2005

The Sun Microsystem part I believe is from the login message. But what  
is the correct way to get output from a running job.

Ideally I want to submit this with mpirun to use the MPI features in  
the code. Can anyone tell me which way would be the appropriate way to  
submit this job to sge.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Bruce Rothermal


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