[GE users] trivial: EXEC_HOST_LIST format?

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Thu Nov 20 22:37:55 GMT 2008

On Thursday 20 November 2008, reuti wrote:
> Am 20.11.2008 um 22:26 schrieb Harry Mangalam:
> > Yes, you were right - my editor auto-pads with tabs and I didn't
> > catch them but I checked again with an editor that hilites tabs
> > and tried tabs both in the context of a single line and multiple
> > lines.
> In the installation procedure IFS is redefined to be only the
> newline character, although I don't know why. Maybe a compatibility
> issue with the original "sh" on some platforms.
> You are on which platform and distribution?

CentOS 5.2, kernel2.6.18-92.1.10.el5PAE, SGE 6.2

> > It turns out that inst_sge doesn't mind tabs in a single line,
> > but fails when the XXXX_HOST_LIST line contains newlines with or
> > without the continuation characters '\'.
> >
> > Is there a different continuation character that is valid?
> >
> > This seems like an odd format for a system that handles 1000's of
> > nodes.  Do SGE admins really have single lines defining
> > HOST_LISTs that span 10s of thousands of characters?
> I never used this procedure. I install qmaster and one time execd
> by hand, which is replicated to all nodes afterwards. Then I use a
> bash loop after the installation adding all hosts as administrative
> hosts and adding them to the necessary hostgroups. They are know as
> exechosts automatically, when the execd is started the first time
> on the nodes.

Hmmm.  I'm thinking about this wrong then.  I thought you were 
supposed to centralize all the info in one config file and feed it to 
the installer at one go.  It seems based on the format of the config 
file, you and Jeff have the right idea and I have the wrong idea.

I'll try your approach.

> BTW: To have a sequential output of the nodes lateron, maybe it
> would be helpful to prepad the numbers with zeros to make them all
> having the same length.

Good idea - I'll put that on the todo.

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