[GE users] trivial: EXEC_HOST_LIST format?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Nov 21 15:14:10 GMT 2008

Am 20.11.2008 um 23:37 schrieb Harry Mangalam:

> On Thursday 20 November 2008, reuti wrote:
>> Am 20.11.2008 um 22:26 schrieb Harry Mangalam:
>>> Yes, you were right - my editor auto-pads with tabs and I didn't
>>> catch them but I checked again with an editor that hilites tabs
>>> and tried tabs both in the context of a single line and multiple
>>> lines.
>> In the installation procedure IFS is redefined to be only the
>> newline character, although I don't know why. Maybe a compatibility
>> issue with the original "sh" on some platforms.
>> You are on which platform and distribution?
> CentOS 5.2, kernel2.6.18-92.1.10.el5PAE, SGE 6.2
>>> It turns out that inst_sge doesn't mind tabs in a single line,
>>> but fails when the XXXX_HOST_LIST line contains newlines with or
>>> without the continuation characters '\'.
>>> Is there a different continuation character that is valid?
>>> This seems like an odd format for a system that handles 1000's of
>>> nodes.  Do SGE admins really have single lines defining
>>> HOST_LISTs that span 10s of thousands of characters?
>> I never used this procedure. I install qmaster and one time execd
>> by hand, which is replicated to all nodes afterwards. Then I use a
>> bash loop after the installation adding all hosts as administrative
>> hosts and adding them to the necessary hostgroups. They are know as
>> exechosts automatically, when the execd is started the first time
>> on the nodes.
> Hmmm.  I'm thinking about this wrong then.  I thought you were
> supposed to centralize

This should also work, when you have rsh/ssh between the nodes. If I  
looked it up correctly, the EXEC_HOST_LIST might also have the name 
(s) of  one or more files with one line per host, which will then be  


Regarding the original problem: the IFS is redefined and obviously  
reset to three blanks+newline. I'll ask on the dev list why, or  
whether it's a typo.

-- Reuti

> all the info in one config file and feed it to
> the installer at one go.  It seems based on the format of the config
> file, you and Jeff have the right idea and I have the wrong idea.
> I'll try your approach.
>> BTW: To have a sequential output of the nodes lateron, maybe it
>> would be helpful to prepad the numbers with zeros to make them all
>> having the same length.
> Good idea - I'll put that on the todo.
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