[GE users] scheduling jobs into queues?

Sangamesh B forum.san at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 13:28:33 GMT 2008

Hello all,

     The cluster has 32+1 nodes(8 slots per node, 264 cores in total)
installed with Rocks 4.3 and SGE.

SGE queues are configured as:

128slot.q (16nodes-128slots, 8gb/host)
64slot.q   (8nodes-64slots, 16gb/host)
32slot.q   (4nodes-32slots, 16gb/host)
16slot.q   (2nodes-16slots, 16gb/host)
16slotserial.q   (2nodes-16slots, 16gb/host)

The requirement is, the submitted jobs should be scheduled to the
queues such that:

1) Serial jobs should go into 16slotserial.q, if it is full then to other queues
2) Parallel jobs should go into:
      16slot.q, if it is full or if it doesn't match number of slots,
then 32 slot.q, then 64slot.q at last 128slot.q

The PE mvapich2 is not assigned to 16slotserial.q, so parallel jobs
won't go to this queue.

For parallel jobs scheduling, the queues have been assigned with
increasing order of seq_no
(i.e seq_no for 16slot.q - 1, 32slot.q -2, 64slot.q - 3, 128slot.q - 4).

But the jobs are not getting scheduled as expected. i.e. a 32 core job
is going to 64slot.q eventhough the 32slot.q is free.

So someone on the list suggest a method by which above mentioned
scheduling can be achived? Does "seq_no" do the right thing or is it
for something else?

BTW, by deafult how SGE schedules jobs over a number of queues?(or
just point to a link/ document)



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