[GE users] [OT] qlicserver + lmutil = kernel panic

igardais ionel.gardais at tech-advantage.com
Tue Nov 25 07:53:37 GMT 2008

Hi Mark,

I have more tests to submit :
- running on the qmaster host / perl 5.8.0 : crashes
- running on another host / perl 5.8.5 : works like a charm

I will continue to dig this.


Olesen, Mark wrote:
>> I find in qlicserver a friend to link flexlm-secured features to SGE.
>> Last week, the machine running qlicserver crashed in a kernel panic
>> referencing 'lmutil'.
>> I restarted the machine, restarted qlicserver and boom, it crashed the
>> next morning with a kernel panic.
>> Finally I restarted the machine, let qlicserver down, and the machine
>> is up and running for a few days.
>> I suspect the fact that I configured qlicserver to query two Flexlm
>> servers with different versions :
>> - one is running FlexLM 9.5.0
>> - the other is running FlexLM
>> Queries are made with lmutil v9.5.0
> Our main query (via qlicserver) is with v9.5.0.
> The various vendor daemons are running v8.4, v9.2, v10.1, v10.8.
> From the one license server that I can access, the lmgrd version is
> mostly v10.8.0.7, but one vendor daemon is actually running via
> v10.8.0.0 
> I would thus conclude that mixing versions is probably okay.
> I would look for another issue: DNS timeouts and network problems are
> typically what make our life difficult. Check that the reverse host
> lookup is providing something sensible (we had a windows DHCP server
> that incorrectly reverse mapped a bunch of our cluster names and fed
> these to the DNS server!).
> To exclude that the problem is with qlicserver and/or GridEngine itself,
> you could write a small infinite loop and monitor the results for the
> next day, eg:
> while :
> do
>    date >> lmutil.log 2>&1
>    lmutil lmstat query ...  >> lmutil.log 2>&1
>    sleep 60
> done
> /mark
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