[GE users] Olesen & derivated elements

Chaffard Remi (Consultant) remi.chaffard at consultant.volvo.com
Wed Nov 26 13:12:34 GMT 2008

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I tried to limit the derivated resource.

What will happen if I try to limit the sub elements? Limits will be added?

Here is what I want to do:

We have an application (starccm) which can take one feature ccmpsuite or starpar per session. These features could be taken from the cluster or from the workstations within interactive sessions. We have a total of 6 ccmpsuite and 4 starsuite. We want to limit the cluster session to 6.
What I did is to define 2 resources (lic_starsuite and lic_ccmpsuite) and a derived called lic_ccmppar from these 2 elements.

First question: I have all my license free, so (if we assume the limit works) we have lic_ccmppar=6. If I launch a starccm job, lic_ccmppar will decrease to 5, but is the value re-initialized to 6 during the next check?

If yes, we can stop here, if no it is great.

Second question: how can I limit lic_ccmppar to 6?

I hope this is clearer with an example, thanks a lot for your help.


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> I get another question regarding the Olesen method: do the limits
> works on a derivated element?
> I tried to add one but it does not work.

Did you try to limit the derived resource itself, or the child elements?

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