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So, if I understand well:

I have a total of 10 licenses (from the derived resource view). If I want to limit the derived to 6, I should simply limit a sub element to "-4"?

Thanks again, I think I could do the main configuration we need now.


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Hi Remi,

> I tried to limit the derivated resource.
> What will happen if I try to limit the sub elements? Limits will be
> added?


> We have an application (starccm) which can take one feature ccmpsuite
> or starpar per session. These features could be taken from the cluster
> or from the workstations within interactive sessions. We have a total
> of 6 ccmpsuite and 4 starsuite. We want to limit the cluster session
> to 6.
> What I did is to define 2 resources (lic_starsuite and lic_ccmpsuite)
> and a derived called lic_ccmppar from these 2 elements.

Not surprisingly, this is very similar to what we have. For my own
convenience, I'll use our complex names and cut-and-paste from the
qlicserver.config file, but the principle is very similar.

  <resource name="starp" served="hpcdomains" note="STAR-CD parallel"/>
  <resource name="stars" served="starsuite" limit="2" note="STAR-CD
  <resource name="starjob" served="starpar" note="STAR-CD parallel

  <derived name="starcd" urgency="100">

In summary:
starp == hpcdomains (parallel only)stars == starsuite  (serial and/or
misuse for parallel)
starjob == starpar  (job starter - one per parallel job)

starcd = starp + stars

In our case we've left the parallel licenses (starp) wide open - ie, no
limits except what the license server provides.
The combined serial/parallel licenses (stars) have been limited to a max
of "2" in the cluster. You can also provide a negative limit to reserve
how many license should *not* be used in the cluster - eg, "-2" would
leave at least 2 licenses free for interactive or local use. 

The derived resource (starcd) gets the limits from its components. In
this case N+2 licenses since N came from the starp complex itself not
having any limits, or having a limit >= the total supplied from the
license server.

> First question: I have all my license free, so (if we assume the limit
> works) we have lic_ccmppar=6. If I launch a starccm job, lic_ccmppar
> will decrease to 5, but is the value re-initialized to 6 during the
> next check?

No this is the point of the whole integration. The qlicserver checks
which licenses have been checked out from FlexLM, compares this to the
requests made from the GridEngine and deducts which license usage must
have occurred outside GridEngine control. These 'external' licenses are
deducted from the total number of licenses that GridEngine is allowed to

To be somewhat more precise about which licenses can actually be used,
we would generally specify something like this for a parallel job:

    -pe mpich 10 -l starcd=1,starp=1,starjob=0.1

and this for a serial job:

    -l starcd=1,stars=1

In the cases where we have a parallel job and don't mind using the
starsuite licenses too, we specify this:

    -pe mpich 10 -l starcd=1,starjob=0.1

I hope this sets you on your way.

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