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jana jana.olivova at sun.com
Fri Nov 28 11:31:43 GMT 2008

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Hi Sergio,

Unfortunately, no you cannot do this with 6.1. The multi-cluster support 
is a feature of 6.2. In 6.1 you must have one reporting for each 
dbwriter, there is no support in the 6.1 reporting for  multiple 
clusters, it is able to handle only one.

When you migrate to 6.2 you will have to reinstall both dbwriters and 
reporting. Please refer to  the Upgrade procedure in the manual and 
don't forget to backup your databases. :)


Jana Olivova

sergio diaz wrote:
> Thank very much Jana.
> I'm using 6.1 but in a few days we are going to migrate to 6.2. Can I do 
> this with 6.1, can't I? And when the cluster are migrated, we will have 
> to reinstall the both dbwriter?
> Regards,
> Sergio
> jana escribió:
>> Hi Sergio,
>> I am assuming you are using 6.2, aren't you? Just reinstall the 
>> reporting  and enter both of the databases parameters. After you enter 
>> the first parameters you will be asked:
>>  Do you want to add another cluster? (y/n) [n] >>
>> Editing the config.xml directly  would not work, since also the 
>> password has to be generated.
>> To your other part of a question, if you are referring to 
>> cross-cluster queries yes you onbly have to use fully qualified names 
>> if you want to combine output from the tables from 2 different 
>> databases (database schemas). Generally, you will just want to run the 
>> existing queries on a specified cluster.
>> Regards,
>> Jana Olivova
>> sergio diaz wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I want install other dbwriter in other cluster using the same reporting 
>>> and also the same webconsole.
>>> If I create other database for the new cluster, the webconsole won't see 
>>> this database because the reporting was set with the other database. 
>>> Could I add to the file /gridware/sge/default/arco/reporting/config.xml 
>>> two configuration of database?
>>> I.E. I have the following configuration and we could add the same only 
>>> changed <database name="arco" host="machine.arco" port="3306" 
>>> schema="arco"> for <database name="arco1" host="machine.arco" 
>>> port="3306" schema="arco1">
>>> <configuration>
>>>   <!--
>>>     Configure the database connection to be used by the application
>>>   -->
>>>   <database name="arco" host="machine.arco" port="3306" schema="arco">
>>>      <driver type="mysql">
>>>         <javaClass>com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</javaClass>
>>>      </driver>
>>>      <user name="arco_read" passwd="XXXXXXX" maxConnections="10"/>
>>>   </database>
>>>             <applUser>default</applUser>
>>>   <storage>
>>>     <root>/var/spool/arco</root>
>>>     <queries>queries</queries>
>>>     <results>results</results>
>>>   </storage>
>>> </configuration>
>>> If I read the following paragraph in the web page of arco, I guess that 
>>> it isn't necessary and only If I want do a query using the two 
>>> databases, I have to do for example "select arco.host, arco1.host from 
>>> arco, arco1.sge_job;"
>>> Would be correct this suppose?
>>>> If you configure MySQL multiple databases using just one pair of users 
>>>> (arco_write, arco_read) and grant the privileges as described in step 
>>>> 7 of How to Configure the ARCo Database on MySQL 
>>>> <http://wikis.sun.com/display/GridEngine/Installing+ARCo#InstallingARCo-mysqlgrant>, 
>>>> you can perform cross_cluster queries. You must use the 
>>>> fully-qualified names when accessing objects, for example 
>>>> /database_name/./table_name/.
>>> Many Thanks,
>>> Regards


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