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sergio diaz sdiaz at cesga.es
Fri Nov 28 14:23:18 GMT 2008

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Hi Jana,

We have two clusters with 6.1u4. In one of them I have the dbwriter 
working and I want install the dbwriter in the other cluster.
A part of these clusters, I have a machine in which I installed sge 
(only qmaster) and then I installed the reporting and webconsole. 
Usually, the tomcat overload the machine too much and I wouldn't want 
that this affect to performance of the front-end of the cluster.

Then I have to wait for our migration to reinstall the dbwriters and 
reporting to avoid possibles conflicts or fails.

Thanks for all,


jana escribió:
> Hi Sergio,
> Let me first get clear if I understand what  are you saying. You have 
> one cluster that is 6.1 and the second that is 6.2?
> If you have the 6.2 reporting sources you can easily add the database 
> connection parameters from clusters that use 6.1 dbwriter and have the 
> 6.1 database schema structure.  Since in the 6.2 reporting  the 
> predefined-queries  are for  6.2 some of them will not work on 6.1 
> database. For example none of the AdvanceReservation queries will work 
> since there are no  ar tables in the 6.1 database schema, some others 
> might not work either, because some unused fields were dropped in 6.2 
> and thus you will get SQL Exception when trying to reference 
> non-existent field.
> There were also some changes to the actual queries to accommodate for 
> other changes that were made in the table structures or the data's 
> that were reported, they might not throw Exception but they might just 
> not provide the most correct results.  You can of course copy the 6.1 
> xml query files from 6.1 reporting spool directory to the spool 
> directory of 6.2 reporting and renaming them so you know these are to 
> be used on 6.1 cluster.
> Do you have 6.1 version or 6.1u4 and >?
> Jana
> sergio diaz wrote:
>> Hi Jana,
>> I have just remember that I have the reporting in other machine 
>> different that these two cluster. If I have the two cluster with sge 6.1 
>> and I have sge 6.2 in the machine with the reporting, Can I have 
>> multi-cluster support, can't I?
>> Regards,
>> Sergio
>> jana escribió:
>>> Hi Sergio,
>>> Unfortunately, no you cannot do this with 6.1. The multi-cluster 
>>> support is a feature of 6.2. In 6.1 you must have one reporting for 
>>> each dbwriter, there is no support in the 6.1 reporting for  multiple 
>>> clusters, it is able to handle only one.
>>> When you migrate to 6.2 you will have to reinstall both dbwriters and 
>>> reporting. Please refer to  the Upgrade procedure in the manual and 
>>> don't forget to backup your databases. :)
>>> Regards,
>>> Jana Olivova
>>> sergio diaz wrote:
>>>> Thank very much Jana.
>>>> I'm using 6.1 but in a few days we are going to migrate to 6.2. Can I do 
>>>> this with 6.1, can't I? And when the cluster are migrated, we will have 
>>>> to reinstall the both dbwriter?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Sergio
>>>> jana escribió:
>>>>> Hi Sergio,
>>>>> I am assuming you are using 6.2, aren't you? Just reinstall the 
>>>>> reporting  and enter both of the databases parameters. After you enter 
>>>>> the first parameters you will be asked:
>>>>>  Do you want to add another cluster? (y/n) [n] >>
>>>>> Editing the config.xml directly  would not work, since also the 
>>>>> password has to be generated.
>>>>> To your other part of a question, if you are referring to 
>>>>> cross-cluster queries yes you onbly have to use fully qualified names 
>>>>> if you want to combine output from the tables from 2 different 
>>>>> databases (database schemas). Generally, you will just want to run the 
>>>>> existing queries on a specified cluster.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Jana Olivova
>>>>> sergio diaz wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> I want install other dbwriter in other cluster using the same reporting 
>>>>>> and also the same webconsole.
>>>>>> If I create other database for the new cluster, the webconsole won't see 
>>>>>> this database because the reporting was set with the other database. 
>>>>>> Could I add to the file /gridware/sge/default/arco/reporting/config.xml 
>>>>>> two configuration of database?
>>>>>> I.E. I have the following configuration and we could add the same only 
>>>>>> changed <database name="arco" host="machine.arco" port="3306" 
>>>>>> schema="arco"> for <database name="arco1" host="machine.arco" 
>>>>>> port="3306" schema="arco1">
>>>>>> <configuration>
>>>>>>   <!--
>>>>>>     Configure the database connection to be used by the application
>>>>>>   -->
>>>>>>   <database name="arco" host="machine.arco" port="3306" schema="arco">
>>>>>>      <driver type="mysql">
>>>>>>         <javaClass>com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</javaClass>
>>>>>>      </driver>
>>>>>>      <user name="arco_read" passwd="XXXXXXX" maxConnections="10"/>
>>>>>>   </database>
>>>>>>             <applUser>default</applUser>
>>>>>>   <storage>
>>>>>>     <root>/var/spool/arco</root>
>>>>>>     <queries>queries</queries>
>>>>>>     <results>results</results>
>>>>>>   </storage>
>>>>>> </configuration>
>>>>>> If I read the following paragraph in the web page of arco, I guess that 
>>>>>> it isn't necessary and only If I want do a query using the two 
>>>>>> databases, I have to do for example "select arco.host, arco1.host from 
>>>>>> arco, arco1.sge_job;"
>>>>>> Would be correct this suppose?
>>>>>>> If you configure MySQL multiple databases using just one pair of users 
>>>>>>> (arco_write, arco_read) and grant the privileges as described in step 
>>>>>>> 7 of How to Configure the ARCo Database on MySQL 
>>>>>>> <http://wikis.sun.com/display/GridEngine/Installing+ARCo#InstallingARCo-mysqlgrant>, 
>>>>>>> you can perform cross_cluster queries. You must use the 
>>>>>>> fully-qualified names when accessing objects, for example 
>>>>>>> /database_name/./table_name/.
>>>>>> Many Thanks,
>>>>>> Regards

Sergio Díaz Montes
Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia
Avda. de Vigo. s/n (Campus Sur) 15706 Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Tel: +34 981 56 98 10 ; Fax: +34 981 59 46 16
email: sdiaz at cesga.es ; http://www.cesga.es/


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