[GE users] memory restrictions imposed by sge on Solaris system

Lydia Heck lydia.heck at durham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 1 13:36:04 BST 2008

Recently I doubled the memory in some of the cluster nodes from 8GByte
to 16 which gives per processor 4 GByte on a Solaris10 -  x64

However when a user tried to run a code which allocated ~4 GByte of RAM
the code would fail with the error message that it could not allocated
the memory. This happened to a run which was submitted using SGE. However
running the code interactively on such a system, succeeded.

I should also mention that a code which requires 32 GByte of RAM on a
Solaris 10 (sparc) system works perfectly fine, when submitted to
via sge.

I have previously noticed that SGE on Solaris 10 x64 does reset the
project (/etc/project) values, so maybe this is another of these manifestions.

Any ideas how I could fix this. The problem seriously hampers the use of
these more able nodes.


Dr E L  Heck

University of Durham
Institute for Computational Cosmology
Ogden Centre
Department of Physics
South Road

United Kingdom

e-mail: lydia.heck at durham.ac.uk

Tel.: + 44 191 - 334 3628
Fax.: + 44 191 - 334 3645

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